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VetsBrands was founded by Dr Ockert Botha (BVSc) early in 2012. He gained immense experience and knowledge via two other veterinary products and nutrition companies that he spearheaded. He, however, realized that to best serve the interest of equines and pets, as well as their owners, a radically new business model, had to be conceptualized.

VetsBrands is therefore entirely owned by a group of likeminded Veterinarians that place the welfare of their patients above all else and thereby ensures that your beloved pet is offered the best possible pet healthcare and nutrition at amazingly affordable prices.

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”Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” – Anatole France

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Why Choose VetsBrands?

Prioritizing the needs of your pets

To be an exclusively Vet-owned company, that strive to serve our profession to the best of our ability.

Committed to Quality

We strive to develop and supply scientifically formulated, high quality, Equine and Pet products and Pet foods to the Veterinary profession.

Constant Improvements

We make it our mission to constantly innovate and develop products that are founded on international standards. This way, you know that your pet is getting the very best in pet nutrition.

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