CardioFocus (for dogs & cats)

Acts as a nutritional aid in the prevention and management of cardiac disease in dogs and cats.

  1. Evidence-based raw materials.
  2. Science-based dosages of L-Carnitine, Taurine, Co-enzyme Q10 and DHA /EPA.
  3. Optimal high potency DHA/EPA derived from krill powder.
  4. The ultimate cardio protectant nutraceutical for use in Cardiomyopathy susceptible breeds.
  5. Exceptionally supportive aid in the management of cardiac disease syndrome.
  6. Easy to dose palatable formula.

Each kilogram contains:
70g Krill Powder
100g Beta Glucan
50g Creatine
200g L Carnitine
100g Taurine
10g Co Enzyme Q10
10g Vitamin E
30g Vitamin C
100g Crataegus
2g Megnesium AAC
,002g Selenium AAC


Loading Dose: 1 gram per 2kg of dog’s or cat’s bodyweight
Frequency: Twice per day
Duration: For the first 10 days

Maintenance Dose: 1 gram per 2kg of dog’s or cat’s bodyweight 
Frequency: Once per day 
Duration: For as long as is clinically needed