ChondroFocus Large Breed

A nutritional aid in the prevention and and management of Intervertebral Disc Disease in larger breed Chondrodystropic dogs such as Bassets, Beagles and Bulldogs

  1. Evidence based raw materials
  2. Evidence based raw materials
  3. Science based dosages of Resveratrol, ASU and MSM
  4. Unique Nutraceutical combination proven to prevent degeneration of intervertebral discs
  5. The ultimate intervertebral disc protectant, for use in Chondrodystrophic breeds
  6. Specifically formulated for Larger Breed Chondrodystrophic dogs or dogs suffering from Arthritis, as well as spinal disease conditions, where the use of Glucosamine and Chondroitin should be avoided
  7. Easy to dose palatable tablet formulation

Each tablet contains:
Resveratrol: 200mg
ASU (Avodcado-Soybean Unsaponifiables): 160mg
MSM: 80mg
Sodium Ascorbate: 40mg
Excipients: 860mg

Loading Dose: 1 tablet per 20kg of dog’s bodyweight 
Frequency: Twice per day 
Duration: For the first 10 days 

Maintenance Dose: 1 tablet per 20kg of dog’s bodyweight 
Frequency: Once a day 
Duration: For as long as is clinically needed Recommended from as young as 3 months onwards